Sunday, 22 May 2011

Introducing myself

Good day all...
I have decided to do this blog as a one stop update to all the things happening in the most beautiful, and interesting country in the world, where faces from the world combine to make a rainbow unlike any other place on this third rock we all call home...No it will not be a doom and gloom site, of those we have too many, its called the media. It will be about sport, our beauty,our diversity, our future and our dreams. It will be about dreams achieved and dreams deferred. It will be the sight, the smells and the feelings of being where you dont belong, but will never leave. Its about being at the bottom of the darkest continent, and loving it.

From time to time I will blog about negative articles but it will only be as information and I will give my opinion as an insider. I would appreciate your comments on here, and please support me by clicking on my sponsors, so we can keep the dream alive.

Congratulations on surviving the rapture, God bless and pop in daily to hear the latest, from the Whitey in Africa...

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